YEAR 2022-2023

We proudly provide a high standard of education for your child from Pre-K through to graduation from High School which we believe is unique in the City of Toronto for a reasonable investment in your child’s education and future. We are a non-profit organization and do everything we can to maintain this level for the next few years. If you have questions regarding the tuition, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*All fees are listed below in Canadian dollars and do not include any applicable taxes. Tuition fees are subject to change. Please confirm current fees with the school at the time of registration.

**Book fees may vary as per grade.

Administration Fees

Description Fee (CDN$)
Application Fee (Non Refundable)
(includes interview, admissions test and entry evaluation)
$300 per Child
$100 per Sibling
Annual Administration Fee $100 per Child
Sibling Discount 10% Off Tuition Fees

Montessori Casa Programme

Cornerstone Montessori Prep School is now participating CWELCC (Canada Wide Early Learning and Child Care) program, in which, our school will continue to offer enriched academics and high quality care to children during their early years in the heart of downtown Toronto.  Call or fill out the form to register.

Description Fee (CDN$)
Pre-K to Senior Kindergarten: Full Day $18,960 per year or $1,580 per Month (Including Hot Lunch)
Annual Administration & Workshop Fees $350 plus Book Fees**

Junior and Senior School Programme

Description Fee (CDN$)
Grades 1-12 (Sept - June) $15,800 per 10 Months - $1,580/Month (Including Hot Lunch)
Annual Administration & Workshop Fees $350 plus Book Fees**
Grades 1-12 (Sept - June)
Activities and Clubs
Activities and Clubs- $130 for each club (8 week programme)
or $400 for all 5 clubs (8 week programme)
Grades 1-12 (Sept - June)
ESL/Special Education Support

Junior and Senior School Summer Programme

Description Fee (CDN$)
Summer Day Camp:
July to August, 8:30 - 5:30 pm
Ages 6 - 14 years
Includes Hot Lunch
350 per week, per child

Two Week Minimum registration is required

Summer School and ESL Programme:
6 weeks
Full Day Credit Programme from
9 am - 3 pm
Includes Hot Lunch
$400 per week, per child

Three Week Minimum registration is required for Gr. 1-5

Six Week Minimum registration is required for Gr. 6-12

Summer CASA Programme $1580 per month

One Month Minimum registration is required

Summer Programme Payment

We require full payment for the summer program at the time of registration.

Method of Payment

We require either one annual cheque or two term cheques at the time of registration to cover
the tuition fees for the full year. Late fee charges are 10%/month.

E-transfer is also an accepted form of payment.

Non refundable Administration, Workshop and Book fees also need to be paid at the time of registration.

No partial monthly refunds are provided; no refunds are provided once a student is registered for the academic year from September to June.

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“Cornerstone is a really good school and the academics are pretty strong. I like the way that the teachers help one-on-one to improve the standards of my children. Cornerstone has developed my children’s standards.”