In today’s world with the growing amount of violence in public schools systems many parents are choosing to look into private schools where their children can learn in a safe comfortable atmosphere. When choosing a school they are looking for one that focuses on academic achievement, while emphasizing personal and community responsibility. In short, parents are seeking the best educational opportunity available for their child. Montessori schools can offer just that kind of education.

Committed Teachers

Montessori teachers remain committed to bringing out the best in their students. These teachers are dedicated professionals who love what they are doing and strive to help each child reach his or her full potential.

Education for Education’s Sake

Montessori schools do not just teach various subjects, they help to instill a love of learning in their students that will last throughout their lives. This love of learning does not just involve academics, but art and music as well as helping these children prepare to live richer and fuller lives.

These schools do not just teach information but help your child develop learning tools that will last them a lifetime.

Academic Excellence

Public schools are geared to present a concept, test on that concept, and move onto the next one regardless of whether the student understands the concept. Many students, even those who are the brightest and best, can find themselves floundering in such an academic environment, unable to master a subject because no one took the time to make sure they understood the basic concepts needed to perform all other related academic tasks.

Montessori schools however, train their teachers to understand that a child cannot successfully learn unless they have mastered the basics. These teachers understand that once a child grasps a concept they can make the transition to the next level of learning easily and confidently. These individualized learning systems help a child take as much time as necessary to master one skill before moving on which actually increases his or her knowledge and ability to learn.

Montessori schools also provide many opportunities for open discussion and debate which allows your child to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills as well as improving those all important verbal communications skills necessary to succeed in the world outside of the classroom.

Personal and Community Responsibility

Every child enrolled in a Montessori school is treated with the utmost respect by the entire staff. They are held accountable for their behaviour, assignments, and time management while being encouraged to help other students.

They are shown through example that they are a part of their school, their community and the world at large giving them a sense of responsibility towards themselves and their neighbours both near and far.

Their opinions are listened to and valued, they are taught to listen to others and to value their ideas, to work out problems together, and to explore new ideas. Put in the simplest terms, the advantage of sending your child to a Montessori school is that it will increase his or her chances of success today, tomorrow, and in the future and enhance your child’s ability to be a part of an exciting and changing world.

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“Cornerstone is a really good school and the academics are pretty strong. I like the way that the teachers help one-on-one to improve the standards of my children. Cornerstone has developed my children’s standards.”